Dr. Steve Kieffer

Alpine Mathematics

We're developing software called PISE, which stands for Proofscape Integrated Study Environment.

The purpose of PISE is to help us annotate proofs, and thereby make them more readable, more understandable, and hopefully enjoyed and appreciated by a wider audience.

There's lots of discussion in the blog posts, to explain what the project is all about.

Soon you'll be able to download the software. For now, you can try it out online.

To learn more, please visit our web page.

Nomadic Software, LLC

In contract work through Nomadic, I recently contributed a new library to the Adaptagrams project, which is a C++ library for constraint-based network layout. Adaptagrams is used in many projects, including Inkscape and the Dunnart layout editor:


I have a few publications from my graduate work, which included a PhD in Information Visualization at Monash University, a master's degree in Mathematics from Simon Fraser, and a master's degree in Logic & Computation from Carnegie Mellon.

Talks and Posters