Dr. Steve Kieffer
If you want to email me, my email provider is runbox.com, so that's what goes after the squiggly symbol you get when you press Shift-2. The part that goes before that is my first initial, then my last initial, followed by the first six digits of Pi. Okay, not everyone has those memorized. So here you go: 3.14159. You can leave out the decimal point, or include it; it will work either way. In case you can't tell, most of this text is here to confuse web crawlers. I'm pretty sure they're also near-sighted, hence the small font. : )


Well I guess I was aiming for an academic career, but somehow wound up with Plan B: digital nomad.

I formed a software company (Nomadic Software, LLC) in order to do work for profit, and a non-profit organization (Royalroad Math, Inc.) in order to get grants for more academic-type work.

I never expected any of this, but sometimes the unexpected is for the best.

Royalroad Math, Inc.

The main project is called Proofscape, and it is now in its second incarnation.

The original site is still available at https://classic.proofscape.org.

Current work is devoted to new software called PrIME (Proofscape Integrated Math Environment). You can view a couple of videos here to get an idea:

A fast-paced promo for the new Proofscape. (01:17)
An eight-minute introduction to the major features of the new Proofscape. (08:03)

More videos are available here.

To get a sense for what Proofscape modules look like, please check out both the Classic Literature repo, and my Art History of Proofs repo.

To learn more, please visit our web page.

Nomadic Software, LLC

In contract work through Nomadic, I recently contributed a new library to the Adaptagrams project, which is a C++ library for constraint-based network layout. Adaptagrams is used in many projects, including Inkscape and the Dunnart layout editor:

Want to hire me?

Send me an e-mail! My address is described at the top of the page.

My skills include:


I have a few publications from my graduate work, which included a PhD in Information Visualization at Monash University, a master's degree in Mathematics from Simon Fraser, and a master's degree in Logic & Computation from Carnegie Mellon.

Talks and Posters