Steve Kieffer
Currently on sabbatical, tinkering with projects for teaching and sharing math.
If you want to email me, my email provider is, so that's what goes after the squiggly symbol you get when you press Shift-2. The part that goes before that is my first initial, then my last initial, followed by the first six digits of Pi. Okay, not everyone has those memorized. So here you go: 3.14159. You can leave out the decimal point, or include it; it will work either way. In case you can't tell, most of this text is here to confuse web crawlers. I'm pretty sure they're also near-sighted, hence the small font. : )

Recent Work

These days, besides travelling, I'm mostly working on some projects organized under a little non-profit I started, called Royalroad Math.

The main project is Proofscape, a system for authoring interactive notes and learning modules for studying mathematical proofs.

A fast-paced promo for the new Proofscape. (01:17)
An eight-minute introduction to the major features of the new Proofscape. (08:03)

Other, related math projects are on the horizon, and I'll try to post some materials about them as soon as I can!

I also recently contributed a new library to the Adaptagrams project, a C++ library for constraint-based network layout. Adaptagrams is used in many projects, including the Dunnart layout editor:

Camper Van Conversions

This is a new area for me. Actually I've just done the one conversion, which was so I could travel on my sabbatical. Here's how I did it.

Improvisational Piano

I've been playing blues and jazz piano for many years. I usually don't record anything I play, but I did record one session a few years ago. Here's a sample:

and here's the whole session.


Talks and Posters



Do you find anything cumbersome about TeX syntax? For example,

If instead of this... you'd prefer to type this...
a_0, a_1, \ldots, a_{n-1} a0, a1, ddd, an-1
\alpha, \beta, \gamma, ... alpha, beta, gamma, ...
\mathfrak{p} \in \mathbb{Z} frp in bbZ
n^\mathrm{th} n eth
\frac{2}{3} frac 2 over 3;
\left| x \right| abs x;
f^{(n)} f supp n;
f^{-1} f inv
\sum_{n=0}^\infty a_n sum over n from 0 to infty; an

...then use VerTeX.

Download from PyPI:

Perpetual Calendars

Cryptic crosswords

Cryptic crosswords put an extra twist on ordinary cruciverbology, each clue featuring a literal definition at one end, and word play at the other, and you don't know which is which. I have Chris Mears to thank for getting me hooked on this great time waster.